How social media can impact your ability to find a job


In today’s world, it’s increasingly easy to share your life and experiences online. Now, more than ever, people can find out lots of information about you with a quick internet search. This can either be a blessing or a curse when it comes to perspective employers.

Stories continue to emerge of employees getting fired over their posts on social media. Be it “trade secrets” revealed or inappropriate comments, companies are using what you post as a barometer of your performance. And when it comes to hiring, what better way to find out who someone really is than to troll their social accounts for information. All it takes is one inappropriate picture to move you to the back of the line of other qualified applicants.

Social media can, however, enhance your appeal to employers instead. If you actively post things that highlight your skills and personality, demonstrate leadership and a desire to learn, or at minimum show your understanding of responsibility and that the “internet is forever”, you could find yourself in the hunt when it comes to that dream job.

The major takeaway here is to be careful what you post online as it’s not only a reflection of who you are, but who you will be as an employee.

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