Welcome to the XANetwork

XA Network is the place students and alumni of Chi Alpha come to find employment and ministry opportunities. It's the place employers, non-profits and ministries come to recruit the alumni of Chi Alpha campus ministries. Through XA Network students and alumni search for both ministry and employment at the same time.

Students & Alumni

Sign-up today find opportunities for summer employment, full time employment, internships and volunteer opportunities with campus ministries, church plants, non-profits and missional organizations.

Organizations & Ministries

Businesses, Schools, non-profit organization, church planters, Chi Alpha ministries, etc … Register your organization today to be able to recruit alumni from all over the US. Your organization and opportunities will be top hits as these students and alumni begin their search
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What is XA Network

It is a platform for networking students and alumni of Chi Alpha ministries with the marketplace and ministries. XA Network works to equip alumni as they enter the marketplace and to assist businesses and organizations recruit alumni from the 300+ Chi Alpha ministries thus fulfilling the vision of seeing a transformation in the marketplace and world.