Area & District Leaders

Area & District Leaders

Here one will find an overview of the Campus Pioneering Designations, Pioneer/Director Approval Process & How to Host a Pioneering Boot Camp.

Pioneering Campus Designation Process

The current development of Chi Alpha in your state must be considered when targeting the next campus. If your district does not have a Chi Alpha ministry with a CMIT program, one should consider that the next campus to be planted is one with the highest potential of developing CMIT program.  In order clarify the priority in planting we’ve developed three categories which classify campuses based on their similarities with our strongest CMIT producing programs.  Why in comparison to CMIT programs? We know the “harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” By focusing first on campuses that are most like our higher producing programs, we can, theoretically, build “the laborers” locally for the task of reaching all the campuses.

KEY CAMPUSES A campus with the highest probability to see a sustained Chi Alpha chapter established and whose students have high potential to join the ranks of XA as career missionaries. The community around the campus is both affordable and secure. In addition, there is/are vibrant Assemblies of God churh(es) and other evangelical campus ministries in the community.

PRIME CAMPUSES A campus with a very good probability to see a sustained Chi Alpha chapter established but whose students are less likely to join the ranks of Chi Alpha as career missionaries. Prime campuses may have challenges when it comes to housing and security surrounding the campus. In addition, these campuses may have a higher saturation point of other evangelical campus ministries or the community lacks vibrant Assemblies of God or evangelical churches supportive of campus ministry.

OPEN CAMPUS A campus with a likelihood to see a sustained Chi Alpha chapter, but which faces some obstacles over a Key or Prime campus. Whether the campus a 2-year junior college or is a small elite private college. The campus may have less than 1,000 students, which is a vital target for ministry but less ideal for the traditional missionary model of ministry.

How does one determine how to classify a given campus?  To assist in that process we have developed a correlation matrix to helps determine how available students on a given campus may be. We call this the MEASURE OF AVAILABILITY (MOA). A password is required, please contact if you haven’t been given one.

Open MOA website

For further reading on this topic, be sure to explore the following article.

Download Campus Designation Article

There is so much more than identifying the M.O.A. of a campus to determine if it is Key, Prime or Open. One must evaluate the “spiritual climate” of a given campus and community. In addition, is the community affordable for a team of planters? After gathering the M.O.A. for each unchartered campus, use the following tool to evaluate other factors that will help guide the prayerful process in identifying which should be your top priorities for poineering.

Campus Designation Form

The purpose of these tools is help district leadership identify campus priorities prior to an individual seeking approval to pursue pioneering a campus. This will help clarify who is qualified to pioneer a Key, Prime or Open campus prior to anyone being considered. This will also help guide the order of which campuses are promoted for recruitment. If you have any further questions, be sure to contact us to guide you in the process.

Director Approval Process

When the Lord brings a potential pioneer to your attention, much prayer and consideration are required when approving a leader to direct a local campus ministry. The flowchart gives an overview of the process.

1. Application (online application available here)director_pioneer-placement-flow-char

2. Reference Checks and Background Checks

3. Ridley Behavioral Assessment – (Contact Delyn Cole, Assessment Specialists at to arrange an assessment.)

4. Interviews

5. Conditions of Approval from district Chi Alpha Committee (ongoing training that may be needed.)

 Download the Director Approval Process Manual that will walk a leader through each step of the process.

download Manual

Hosting a Pioneering Boot Camp

Though we offer the Pioneering Boot Camp each year at RUI the timing may not meet the needs of those pioneering in your area or district. I am often able to travel to provide a boot camp in a more timely way. I will cover the travel to get to you and ask for $75/person (minimum of $300) for the two-day training. For further detail and information open, “How to Host a Pioneering Boot Camp.” Contact Paul Austin, National Pioneering Director at or 208-241-6504 to schedule a Boot Camp.

Hosting a Pioneering Boot Camp