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Pioneering Boot Camp Prework

For those preparing to attend a Pioneering Boot Camp, here is all you need to come in prepared for the Boot Camp Experience. Please know the prework is critical to being able to participate in all the training exercises. There are three parts to the pre-work: prework manual, spiritual gift surveys, and books to read. Below one will find links to download manuals, take surveys and order books. Thank you for taking the time to be fully prepared for the two days we have together.

It goes without saying, but I will say it, your level of prayer and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit turns the following busy work into transformational exercises the Lord can use to prepare you and your team for establishing a lasting ministry on a new campus. If you have any questions please contact Paul Austin, or 208-241-6504 directly.

Upcoming Boot Camps


To open register form, click on desired location.

Nov 29-30       Fairmont State University, WV

Dec. 4 & 5       Fort Collins, Co

Dec 16 & 17    Greensboro, NC

Jan 30 & 31   Huntsville, TX

Feb 8 & 9      Univ. No. Carolina – Chapel Hill

April 11 & 12  Columbus, GA


To register for Boot Camp click on the location and complete registration form. The cost for the training will vary based housing and meal costs.


Prework Manuals


This manual will walk you through the theological background, concepts, and insights for leading a team through the Boot Camp. If you are attending the Boot Camp alone, bringing your team or during your CMIT program, this is the PDF for you.


To help us understand your campus, take a few minutes and complete the Measure of Availability survey. We will cover the results in the boot camp. The login and password are the same: moa1survey

MOA Survey


This manual will walk those who are part of a pioneering team through an abbreviated prework. Please connect with your team leader, as there may be parts of the “prework” not included in your manual that they will want you to prepare.


Spiritual Gifts Surveys & DISC

Each participating in the Pioneering Boot Camp must take all three of the following surveys. Note if you have your results of a recent  “DISC” profile you may skip this.


This short survey will give some insight into how God has gifted you and how you can find fulfillment in ministry. Please note when taking this survey it is better to answer questions with Never/Seldom or Always to ensure clarity between different gifts. This survey is based on gifts listed in Romans 12.



This short survey will give some insight into how God has been using you as you serve on ministry teams. This survey is a snap shot of how God has anointed you to serve in ministry for this season of your life. These gifts may change over time. This survey is based on the 5 ministry functions found in Ephesians 4:11-12.



There are many great tools to help identify our basic personality profile. You will discover through the Boot Camp how to use the DISC to prepare yourself for long term health in ministry along with how to function best with others on the pioneering team. Cost $12.


Books to Read Before Boot Camp

Wanting the learning experience to be so much richer than what we talk about while at the Boot Camp, there a few foundational books that are, “must reads.” Knowing sometimes those who attend the boot camp are not informed with enough time in advance to read all the material, I have prioritized these three books in order of importance! (Note: if you do not use amazon smile, please consider making “Chi Alpha Mobilization” your non-profit of choice when using

one-minute-manager-leadership LEADERSHIP AND THE ONE MINUTE MANAGER

This dynamic story will introduce you to the art of leading a team through the many stages of development of your new Chi Alpha Chapter. The keys discovered in this short read will guide you as you lead student leaders and staff alike. THIS MUST BE READ PRIOR TO BOOT CAMP.

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small-group-universitySMALL GROUP UNIVERSITY

This invaluable book is written by one of Chi Alpha’s strongest leaders, Brad Lewis, whose chapter continues to develop and release ministry leaders in the marketplace, Chi Alpha and in churches. Brad breaks down the keys to developing vibrant small groups, training resources, and discussions. THIS IS A MUST READ PRIOR TO BOOT CAMP IF YOU’VE NEVER SERVED WITH CHI ALPHA BEFORE.

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celtic-way-of-evangelismCELTIC WAY OF EVANGELISM

When establishing a ministry in a new setting, it is critical to respond to the community we are called to, not just export our religious experience.  George Hunter III’s research reveals the impact that St. Patrick and his fellow missionaries were able to have on the nation of Ireland in comparison to the traditional Roman Catholic approach to evangelism. THIS IS A MUST READ, BUT IF YOU DON’T HAVE TIME PRIOR TO BOOT CAMP, YOU CAN READ IT AFTER.

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You should receive an email just prior to the boot camp with a PDF copy of the Pioneering Boot Camp Manual and Chi Alpha Boot Camp Registration form. If you do not receive them prior to boot camp use the links below:

Pioneering Boot Camp Manual

XA Pioneering Boot Camp Registration →