New Director Training

Are you feeling the call to lead a Chi Alpha ministry? We have developed a training designed for those preparing to step into the lead role, whether it be a Pioneering situation or taking the lead of an existing ministry. This exciting opportunity is still in the infancy of development so please know that it may not be right for everyone that is interested. One will need to work closely with their district and area leadership in the process to determine if this is a viable path for you.

Chi Alpha’s CMIT program is designed as the first level of training for any new staff in Chi Alpha. Please be sure to consider applying for and entering the 10-month experience on a campus with a fully functioning Chi Alpha Chapter. Much of what we do in Chi Alpha is caught, more than it is taught. We have a DNA that we want to ensure every chapter carries with it onto the college campus. Though our New Director Training will give you an opportunity to experience the DNA of our movement, there is no replacement for absorbing it as you live life with the highly skilled and focused leadership teams that host one of our 35+ internships. Learn more at


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The New Director Training is designed to walk one through the core competencies of highly effective Chi Alpha Directors. We have identified 28 such skills that are common among our leadership that have sustain success on campus. It is assumed that a leader entering the New Director Training has developed many of these skills prior to joining the program. You will go through a rigorous application process to identify individual skills and areas of needed development. With the help of a mentor/coach a specialized learning plan will be developed and adopted to coincide with the established training regiment of the program which includes;

1) monthly cohort video learning lab,

2) extended campus visits,

3) monthly mentor/coaching visits, and

4) RUI 2.0 (onsight training for 1 week.)

In addition to the New Director Training it is assumed all who join us have already participated in a Support Raising TrainingĀ and Reach the U.